Art Bell Fan

Art Bell

A few years back, if you wanted to listen to a true media personality in America, you would have tuned in to Art Bell. This man is a true believer of the microphone; he spent four hours on the air and right after, switched to another microphone to speak to ham operators throughout the country.  […]

Your Questions About Ufo Band

Jenny asks… Why do some people stereotype all marijuana users as non-Christian? It’s pretty silly, I’m a Christian and I use it from time to time. In college I remember meeting a lot of people who belonged to the campus Lutheran group at a party who were passing around pot. Last night I was at […]

Your Questions About Ufo Sightings

Jenny asks… Will worldwide Governments ever admit that they have already made contact with aliens? I believe that the unexplained UFO sightings around the world is proof that we have already been visited by other beings. Why are Governments around the world so selfish in keeping this top secret? And will they ever come forward […]