Art Bell Fan

Art Bell

A few years back, if you wanted to listen to a true media personality in America, you would have tuned in to Art Bell. This man is a true believer of the microphone; he spent four hours on the air and right after, switched to another microphone to speak to ham operators throughout the country.  […]

Your Questions About Ufos Are Real

Mary asks… What was the real purpose of Project Moondust? Was it collecting “space junk” and crashed Russian satellites and spaceship parts…or recovering crashed UFOs? I make no judgments. I’m just asking for opinions. I do not, particularly, believe in UFOs. Let me clarify. I believe they’re SOMETHING. I just don’t see any convincing evidence […]

Your Questions About Michio Kaku

Michael asks… How many brian boitanos can this world handle? and has brian boitano ever met michio kaku to talk about dark matter in a darkroom? and how does brian boitano like his porn; light, crispy or cranky? and what does brian boitano think of the eradication of the honey bee? Will there be enough […]

Your Questions About Curiosity Mars

Jenny asks… How Hard Is It to Land Curiosity on Mars ? Art Bell fan answers: Extremely difficult. Just look at the complicated sequence of events that must unfold to achieve a successful landing: Mars has significant gravity and very little atmosphere. That means parachutes don’t work well unless unrealistically large, and landing rockets […]