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In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block without Knives. Knife Storage and Organizer holds 10-15 knives by Shenzhen Knives
In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block without Knives. Knife Storage and Organizer holds 10-15 knives by Shenzhen Knives
Price: $39.99
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  • Improved design for better knife storage (see product photos)
  • Made with eco-friendly, bacteria resistant bamboo
  • Free up counter space with this in-drawer knife block. Holds 10-15 knives (depending on knife size). KNIVES NOT INCLUDED

Product description

Imagine a counter top free of clutter. Traditional knife blocks occupy valuable counter space, but the Shenzhen Knives' in-drawer bamboo knife block allows you to store your knives in the drawer; allowing you more room for appliances or to prepare your food. We heard the consumers' feedback and complaints, and we have improved our knife slots design compared to the existing competitor knife blocks: We designed the knife slots for easier handling and storing and we made the slots deeper to better accommodate larger or curved knife handles.

BAMBOO: THE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL. Traditional hardwood tree harvesting contributes to deforestation; this starts a vicious circle of drought and environmental decline and accounts for at least a fifth of all carbon emissions globally. Bamboo is a grass, and unlike hardwood trees, bamboo regrows after harvesting. After it is mature, bamboo can be harvested every single year for the life of the plant. Interestingly, harvesting bamboo to make products is actually greener than not harvesting it. Because bamboo culms (the poles) do not live as long as hardwood trees. When an old culm decays, it releases carbon into the atmosphere. This means that an untouched bamboo forest does not accumulate and store carbon very well. By harvesting the bamboo before it starts decaying, to make long lasting products, ensures that the bamboo does not release the stored the carbon.

Deglon 6-Piece Brasserie Steak Knife Storage Block Set with Rods, Small, Red
Deglon 6-Piece Brasserie Steak Knife Storage Block Set with Rods, Small, Red
Price: $20.71
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  • The polypropylene protects the edges of the knives
  • It is a very safe product to use
  • It is made of a highly durable material

Product description

This knife block polypropylene allows store easily and safely all your knives. With this knife block it is much safer to store knives. It is made of a highly durable material.

Knife Storage by Nutnfancy

By request, here are some methods by Nutnfancy of how to keep your knives organized and secure. Without a system, your knives can get lost, damaged, or stole...


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