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Art Bell

A few years back, if you wanted to listen to a true media personality in America, you would have tuned in to Art Bell. This man is a true believer of the microphone; he spent four hours on the air and right after, switched to another microphone to speak to ham operators throughout the country.  […]

Your Questions About Paranormal Activity 2 Online

Michael asks… Paranormal Activity 2? has any 1 got a link to watch this movie free with out surveys Art Bell fan answers: You can watch Paranormal Activity 2 online for free from this site: George asks… Where can I watch Paranormal Activity 2 for free online? Please no spam….? I really want to […]

Your Questions About Art Bell Coast To Coast Radio

Helen asks… touring the east coast, USA as an educational/fun trip for ages 11 to 8, suggestions please.? We know about such places as Washington, Williamsburg area, so other ideas, please. Art Bell fan answers: …you might consider going to the various Civil War battlefields. The National Park Service has a lot of educational exhibits […]

Your Questions About Michio Kaku Physics Of The Impossible

Helen asks… Physics of the impossible? I am a person from India. I want the book Physics of the impossible by Dr. Michio Kaku. Please help me by telling how and where can i get the book. You may also send the contact number of the Publishers/book seller in India. Art Bell fan answers: […]