Your Questions About Coast To Coast Am Bumper Music

Chris asks…

coast to coast am bumper music?

i'm trying to find out the names of the instrumental songs that are played on coast. When I listen on streamlink and the show goes to commercial they have like 3 or 4 instrumentals that play, does anyone know what they are?

Art Bell fan answers:

They've got literally hundreds of songs that they use for bumper music. By telling us that you're looking for the "instrumental" ones is waaay too broad of a description. You'll have to source through all of them from the bumper music section of their site.

Charles asks…

Looking for a "Coast to Coast AM" bumper music song!?

I've been looking for hours for this song, don't know the artist or song name. The only line i can remember is something like "coast to coast, to the average Joe it may be hard to follow, well I'll listen close"

Ring any bells?

Art Bell fan answers:

Scarcine Go to this site to find your song.

Select a Channel below or search across 4,000+ radio and web channels. You can search by name, artist, frequency, city or ZIP code. Streaming stations are shown in red

~ Don ~

Helen asks…

What is the unidentified bumper music on Coast to Coast AM 09-15-10?

We looked up the list for the cosmology show, but the song is not on there. It was played around 3 AM central time, and was mostly instrumental. Thanks!
@whyhuh: I had already looked up the list of bumper music, but this song wasn't on there.

My friend said that he's heard it about three times in the last week, they've played it many times in the past, and it sounds like it has flutes or something.

I e-mailed George, but I haven't received a response yet.

Thank you all for your help so far!

Art Bell fan answers:

E-Mail George at Coast to coast

Lisa asks…

Coast to Coast AM Fans? I need your help!?

What is the music that plays in the breaks, I can only describe it as elevator music, but I love it. Any ideas? Not the bumper music, the music that plays for streamlink broadcasts in place of advertisements. Thanks.

Art Bell fan answers:

Contact them, they have to be able to help you:


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