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Richard asks…

Ian Punnett is a jerk! - Agree or disagree?

I really like listening to Coast To Coast with George Noory, but this "Ian Punnett guy is an idiot/jerk to keep the language light.
Agree or disagree???

Copy that "joseph s"
Well said!

Art Bell fan answers:

Agree, agree, agree. Ian is an arse. HE ALWAYS talks over the guest callers and interrupts everybody to put his lame, stupid, unintelligent, etc... Comments in. He is extremely closed minded and thinks he knows everything. If you try and call in a say ANYTHING that is not parallel to his thinking, he will interrupt you, if you don't agree with him after he "corrects" you, you get cut off. I hope they fire him. I like George (both of them) and Art Bell shows, but when i listen to Ian i get mad and i have to turn off the radio before i start yelling at the radio and waking people up.

Mark asks…

Why did WLS AM take George Noory's Coast to Coast show off TV in Chicago?

First Michael Savage was taken off air; then Glenn Beck's TV show disappeared from Fox (supposedly he was fired because of Media Matters/George Soros). Now George Noory's show (very popular) is off air. What's going on with the media in the US?

Art Bell fan answers:

Red Eye Radio is a show produced by Cumulus Media, which purchased owns WLS. When their contact with Coast to Coast ran out, they naturally went with the show they already own and promote.

Mandy asks…

how many of you hear the radio show coast to coast with george Noory?

has anyone seen a ghost or shadow person

Art Bell fan answers:

I liked Art Bell better....

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